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Overview of spina bifida in infants

Parents in North Carolina should know that infants can suffer from a birth defect known as spina bifida. It is the failure of the vertebrae to enclose the raw nerves of the spinal column. The condition can occur anywhere in the spine; although, it is most common in the lower back.

Genetic tests reveal cause of seizure disorder in children

Early infantile epileptic encephalopathy is a neurological disorder occurring in 1.2 out of every 1,000 live births, and it is characterized by seizures that begin around the first few months of life. Children with EIEE experience developmental delays and impaired psychomotor learning. North Carolina residents should know that recent tests have uncovered the genetic cause behind this disorder.

Government drops its appeal of $42 million malpractice award

Medical malpractice awards can be high in North Carolina and around the country when children have suffered injuries that will require a lifetime of care. One such case involves a Pennsylvania boy who suffered catastrophic injuries during his birth allegedly caused by an obstetrician working in a federally-supported health care facility. The boy's parents sued the government in 2016 and were awarded $42 million in damages, and lawyers from both sides announced on Feb. 1 that a pending appeal has been withdrawn and the money will now be paid.

Risk factors for Erb's palsy and symptoms in newborns

Although parents in North Carolina anticipate the birth of their children with excitement, the birth process inherently imposes risks on the mother and infant. Erb's palsy is a type of birth injury, and its severity can range from temporary symptoms to lifelong disability. The condition results from nerve damage to the brachial plexus during birth. One to two infants per every 1,000 births experience some form of the injury.

Causes of Erb's palsy

Some babies born in North Carolina might suffer a birth injury known as Erb's palsy. It commonly results when there is a problem delivering the shoulder part of the baby and excessive pressure is placed on the shoulder, neck or head. About 2 out of every 1,000 babies delivered have Erb's palsy. Symptoms may include a limp or paralyzed arm, little to no movement in fingers and hands or a lack of sensation in those areas.

Mother awarded $50 million after suing obstetrician

North Carolina mothers who are concerned about the care they received during labor and delivery may be interested in the case of a New York woman who successfully sued her obstetrician. She was awarded $50 million after a 2009 childbirth that left her with injuries that have never properly healed.

U.S. doctors may perform too many C-sections

North Carolina couples who are expecting a child may not know that the United States has one of the highest maternal mortality rates among the wealthy nations of the world. Some medical experts believe that this is linked to the fact that the U.S. performs so many cesarean sections.

When home births are safe in North Carolina

According to a study conducted in Canada, a women going through a low-risk pregnancy may face no additional risks from giving birth at home instead of at a hospital. To gather data, the study looked at roughly 11,000 births that took place at home and roughly 11,000 births that took place at a hospital. Researchers excluded deliveries that involved babies being born breech or babies that were born prematurely.

Study looks at effects of weekend effect on births

Some North Carolina residents may have heard of a phenomenon called the "weekend effect". This refers to the tendency for patients to have poorer outcomes when admitted to the hospital on weekends. Studies have returned inconclusive results about the causes and likelihood of this tendency, but recently, a study in England found that babies born over the weekend had a higher mortality rate than those born during the week.

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