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Road deaths fell but truck accident fatalities rose in 2017

Traffic accident fatalities in North Carolina and around the country rose alarmingly in both 2015 and 2016 after several years of steady decline, but data released recently by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that 2017 was a safer year on the nation's roads. Figures from the federal watchdog's Fatality Analysis Reporting System shows that road deaths fell by 1.8 percent in 2017, but the number of road users killed in accidents involving commercial vehicles surged by 9 percent from 4,369 to 4,761.

First lawsuit filed over Missouri duck boat accident

When North Carolina residents take a commercial boat tour, they expect the trip will go smoothly. However, attorneys representing the families of two people who drowned in a Missouri duck boat accident on July 19 claim the vessel was dangerous. As a result, they have filed a $100 million wrongful death lawsuit against the owners of the boat, Ripley Entertainment.

Officials still searching for answers in bridge collapse

North Carolina residents may have heard about the bridge collapse at Florida International University. The collapse led to the deaths of eight people and crushed six cars. At the time of the accident, the bridge was being put through a stress test while cars were allowed to drive over it. No one is sure why that was the case, and many believe that the adjacent area should have been closed.

Traffic accident deaths up sharply again

North Carolina motorists may have noticed that the roads have become far busier in recent years. American drivers covered 50.5 billion more miles between January and June 2016 than they did during the first six months of 2015, and this increased traffic congestion contributed to a 10 percent surge in accident fatalities according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over the equivalent period in 2015. A NHTSA report released on Oct. 5 revealed that 17,775 people died in motor vehicle accidents during the first half of the year, which puts 2016 on pace to be the deadliest year on the nation's roads in five decades.

Distracted driving is still a problem across the nation

Since our society has become more connected, we have started to forget when it is appropriate to use our handheld devices and when it's a good idea to put them down. This has become most apparent when it comes to driving. Drivers across the nation, including drivers here in North Carolina, are choosing to talk, text, tweet and post to Facebook all while driving a vehicle. As you probably know, these actions can be dangerous, especially if we consider what happens in the time it takes us to look down at our phones.

Fatal accidents and wrongful death actions

After running a red light and driving through a Durham, North Carolina intersection, the 18-year-old driver of a passenger car lost control and veered into the side of a van. The collision knocked the van on its side, while the car struck two more vehicles before coming to a stop.

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