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Fetal macrosomia and medical malpractice

Fetal macrosomia is the medical term for a newborn who weighs more than the average baby. A baby weighing more than 9 pounds 15 ounces may experience serious health complications. Fetal macrosomia may cause problems during a vaginal delivery, and may cause the baby to incur injuries during the birth process. Additionally, fetal macrosomia may cause a baby to experience other health issues later on.

Errors in infant resuscitation

North Carolina expectant parents may be aware that infant resuscitation is sometimes needed after birth. Placental problems, maternal infections, and sudden bleeding during pregnancy can all raise the risk of this being necessary. That risk may also increase with premature labor, an umbilical cord prolapse, an unusually large baby, or the use of forceps, vacuums, and other birth-assisting tools.

The dangers of North Carolina wrong-site surgeries

A wrong-site surgery could refer to one performed on the wrong side of the body, the wrong location on the body or even the wrong patient. The definition also refers to any invasive procedures performed in rooms other than an operating room. The joint commission considers all of these situations to be preventable because of the nature of the errors.

Prevention of surgical errors

Patients in North Carolina may be surprised to learn that operating room errors, specifically wrong-site surgeries, occur. According to research on wrong-site surgeries that began in 1999, the majority of wrong-site surgical errors are preventable. The adoption of standards and protocols designed to address the leading causes of wrong-site surgery is an important step toward solving the problem according to experts.

Department of Veterans Affairs pays for medical malpractice

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been busy in the state of North Carolina; busy making mistakes, that is. A recent report reveals that four VA facilities in North Carolina chose to settle 29 wrongful death cases during the decade after the 9/11 attacks. Investigative reports have painted a picture of systematic medical malpractice that includes failure to diagnose, along with a variety of other concerns, at several VA facilities.

Dentist's license revoked 11 months after North Carolina death

A North Carolina dentist accused of killing a 57-year-old patient with a fatal overdose of sedatives has had her state dental license revoked. The dentist, who sent a letter out to her other patients earlier in the month, neglected to tell those clients that she is facing allegations of severe negligence in connection with the incident, which is considered one of the most egregious violations ever seen by state dental board reviewers.

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