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Distracted driving is still a problem across the nation

Since our society has become more connected, we have started to forget when it is appropriate to use our handheld devices and when it's a good idea to put them down. This has become most apparent when it comes to driving. Drivers across the nation, including drivers here in North Carolina, are choosing to talk, text, tweet and post to Facebook all while driving a vehicle. As you probably know, these actions can be dangerous, especially if we consider what happens in the time it takes us to look down at our phones.

Authorities blamed for serious injury, death in hotel

New information about the events leading up to the death of an 11-year-old boy and the serious injury of his 49-year-old mother in a North Carolina hotel reveals chilling details about the case. Official reports show that the pair suffered catastrophic personal injury after they were exposed to extraordinarily high levels of carbon monoxide in the Best Western hotel in Boone, North Carolina. Shocking reports show that two other victims had died in a nearby room in a similar fashion just weeks before; still, no one was able to put the pieces together fast enough to prevent the child's death.

Everyone responsible for bus rider safety

Scores of North Carolina children join the 23 million youngsters who ride the bus to school nationally. In fact, the school bus system is widely acknowledged as one of the safest public transport efforts in the nation, according to a variety of research studies. Still, a shocking number of students find their way into emergency rooms nationwide thanks to the negligence of school bus drivers. About 17,000 children suffer injuries in bus-related crashes.

Supreme Court to rule on North Carolina settlement

The U.S. Supreme Court has added a North Carolina medical malpractice case to its argument calendar, meaning it will consider a state law that allows North Carolina to collect a portion of the damages awarded to plaintiffs in malpractice cases. As such, the court's decision could have widespread effects on the way states handle such cases.

Research finds flu shots do not cause birth defects

A new study published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology suggests that the influenza vaccine does not contribute to an increased risk of major birth defects. The study found that about 2 percent of women who received a flu shot had children with serious birth injuries, matching the results for women who did not receive the vaccination.

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