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Medical device could promote spread of cancer in women

When a medical device is made available to health care providers, the assumption is that it is safe for patients. Furthermore, doctors opting to use the device could also be considered another acknowledgement of safety and effectiveness. However, recent actions taken by Johnson & Johnson, a major medical device manufacturer, are causing significant concern.

Brain injury victims may benefit from implantable technology

Many military members suffer from memory loss after receiving serious brain injuries while in combat. Now, new research funded by the Pentagon may provide the key to reversing memory loss suffered by civilians during brain injury events. The new technology seems promising, especially after a decade of failed tries at pharmaceutical remedies for memory loss after brain injury. Now, a new type of implantable probe may be used to help those who have suffered brain injury that resulted in memory loss.

Boy develops cerebral palsy, family gets $9 million from military

Families who receive unacceptable medical care at North Carolina military health care facilities may be able to seek compensation for malpractice. In one case, the family of a Virginia boy has received $9 million after the child developed cerebral palsy because of birth injuries. The family's lawsuit sought compensation after the child suffered catastrophic injury because of physicians' negligence. Official reports show that the family will receive $5 million as a lump sum and $4 million over the remainder of the child's natural life.

North Carolina crash takes 3 lives, injures others

A long mountain section of Interstate 77 near the North Carolina state line was closed as authorities investigated a massive traffic pileup and workers cleaned debris from almost 100 vehicles. The 17 chain reaction crashes occurred on a foggy Sunday afternoon, leaving three people dead and at least another 25 with injuries. Officials say that between six and eight vehicles caught fire following the fatal accident. The smoke worsened the poor visibility caused by the extensive fog, which one University of North called "most dense [he had] ever seen."

North Carolina crash kills teenager

A 14-year-old girl is dead following a violent car accident that left several other people injured. A representative with the North Carolina Highway Patrol (NCHP) said that troopers believe a 22-year-old driver struck the vehicle carrying the girl when he failed to obey a stop sign and cut a corner. Prosecutors have charged the man with driving while impaired and may file additional charges against him depending on the result of the NCHP's investigation. 

North Carolina man dead after being hit by multiple cars

A North Carolina man believed to be homeless was killed after being struck by at least three cars as he walked along a roadway in western North Carolina. The victim was reportedly dragged for five miles following the initial collision, inflicting serious injuries that ultimately lead to his death.

Two people injured after North Carolina crash

Police say an accident that left two North Carolina residents hospitalized was caused when one of the motorists lost control of his car when it hydroplaned. According to police reports, that accident occurred shortly after 6:21 p.m. when a 19-year-old man's car hydroplaned, causing it veer over a median and into oncoming traffic. The car then struck a pickup truck with a glancing blow before slamming head-on into a sedan.

Man seriously injured after fall at North Carolina stadium

A 22-year-old is in critical condition after falling approximately 40 feet at North Carolina's Bank of America Stadium shortly after the beginning of the ACC championship football game. According to the victim's mother, the man slipped from the stadium's forth level after stopping to snap a photograph on his way back to his seat.

Experts say cheerleaders face same dangers as other athletes

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the United States saw nearly 37,000 cheerleading-related emergency room visits in 2011, over four times the number of similar visits in 1980. Many experts say that cheerleading has increasingly become more athletically intense and should thus be regulated like other sports in order to improve safety for participants, which regularly face serious injury.

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