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Truck crash injures five in North Carolina

Five people were hospitalized following a traffic accident involving four people on U.S. 321 in North Carolina. Authorities believe the crash occurred when the driver of a semi-truck became distracted by the scene of another nearby accident, causing the truck to slam into several other vehicles. An official with the North Carolina Highway Patrol said the driver will likely face criminal charges but did not specify what those charges would be.

Experts say cheerleaders face same dangers as other athletes

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the United States saw nearly 37,000 cheerleading-related emergency room visits in 2011, over four times the number of similar visits in 1980. Many experts say that cheerleading has increasingly become more athletically intense and should thus be regulated like other sports in order to improve safety for participants, which regularly face serious injury.

Mother dies, her child critical after alleged DUI crash

Police have arrested a man that they say is responsible for a deadly car crash in North Carolina. According to police reports, the fatal accident occurred as the 31-year-old suspect was allegedly speeding in his sport utility vehicle and drove through a red stop light. The suspect then allegedly struck a car on its side, causing both vehicles to slide across the intersection before stopping.

Three killed in accident involving North Carolina student bus

A fatal accident has killed three people, injured several more and delayed a trip for a group of student engineers from North Carolina. According to police, the truck crash occurred as a pickup truck and a commercial hauler carrying a stack of logs were both slowing down in the left lane of traffic. Suddenly, the bus of students rammed the pickup truck from behind and pushed it into the semi, causing it to become pinned beneath the larger vehicle.

One week later, second truck driver dies in I-85 crash

In our last post we discussed a truck accident that took the life of a driver. Just a week later, an eerily similar situation on the same interstate took the life of yet another semi-truck driver. It also sent a woman and three children to the hospital.

North Carolina truck crash leaves 3 injured

Three North Carolina residents are in the hospital after sustaining injuries from a truck crash that occurred on Sept. 29. Investigators with the North Carolina Highway Patrol said the accident occurred as a car was traveling north on Highway 11, eventually turning left and crossing the path of a truck moving in the opposite direction, causing the vehicles to collide. Police say both drivers were transported to a regional hospital for treatment. The driver of the car and a passenger in the truck were both airlifted to Pitt County Memorial Hospital

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