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Never Events in obstetrics: serious medical errors during labor and delivery

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Birth injuries can cause cerebral palsy in newborns

North Carolina parents are devastated when they learn that their otherwise healthy newborns suffered disabling birth injuries that often lead to cerebral palsy. The reasons for these birth injuries are myriad, but commonly include too-long labors that can lead to oxygen deficiencies when the baby gets stuck in the birth canal. Tragic results can stem from the mother's spiking a fever late in the pregnancy or during delivery due to an infection or other condition like failing to deliver within 24 hours of the breaking of the maternal waters.

What are the causes of brachial plexus injuries?

North Carolina parents whose newborn babies suffered brachial plexus injuries during birth may have questions about how their children's injuries could have happened. It is usually impossible for doctors to predict whether shoulder dystocia, the complication that often causes brachial plexus injuries, will occur during a birth.

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