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Driver sentenced for role in fatal September crash

The driver who caused a fatal car accident that killed a North Carolina woman said he feels remorse for the collision. The 20-year-old man was facing criminal charges in connection with the accident, which could also be the cause of a wrongful death civil suit. The driver pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide charges in connection with the Sept. 3 incident, and he will spend between eight and 23 months in the custody of the county. The man must then serve seven years' probation, according to local news reports.

Court dismisses civil judgment in tobacco case

Many North Carolina residents have benefitted from tobacco settlements. After all, the southeastern part of the nation is the seat of the nation's cigarette industry. Now, a new change to a civil suit against tobacco companies may change the way settlements are distributed among smoking's many victims. The family of a Boston woman will not receive the full $81 million in punitive damages awarded in a wrongful death suit related to tobacco use.

N.C. jury decides for defendant in gas poisoning case

A North Carolina jury has ruled against the plaintiffs in a Greensboro wrongful death suit. The group of Forsyth County jurors ruled that a home-warranty company was not responsible for the carbon monoxide poisoning death of a local man in 2008. The man's mother had filed the wrongful death suit on his behalf.

Woman pleads guilty in deadly DUI crash

A 69-year-old woman has been convicted of several felony counts in connection with the drunk-driving death of an 89-year-old resident of Sunset Beach. The driver pleaded guilty to two charges in connection with the victim's wrongful death, including felony death by motor vehicle and felony serious injury by motor vehicle. The suspect was sentenced to more than a year's prison time, according to media reports.

Greensboro Accident Suspect Flees State

A 25-year--old hit-and--run suspect from North Carolina appears to have fled to Texas to avoid charges in connection with a recent car accident. The man is accused of striking and killing a man on a moped at about 6 p.m. on March 30 while driving on Liberty Road. Authorities report that the 64-year-old victim died shortly after arriving at the hospital. The suspect in this case will face both criminal charges and possible civil liability for wrongful death.

University of North Carolina Wilmington settles wrongful death suit

The University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) will pay $150,000 to the family of an 18-year-old man who died after police mistakenly shot him through his house's front door after they arrived to serve an arrest warrant. The North Carolina Industrial Commission, which oversees compensation in all law enforcement-related claims in the state, said that UNCW will contribute an additional $100,000 to a new fund designed to better train and accredit police officers employed by the university.

North Carolina woman dead after crash

A 61-year-old North Carolina woman was killed after an allegedly drunk driver struck her car at a high rate of speed as he fled from another wreck. The suspect faces criminal charges in several counties, but he could also be subject to fines and other penalties if the victim's family decides to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Such a claim would potentially allow them to collect damages compensating them for the death of their loved one, an event they referred to as "unfair" and "tragic" on a mortuary website. It is unclear whether they plan to pursue such legal action.

Daughter of deceased Walmart greeter loses wrongful death appeal

A North Carolina woman whose 71-year-old mother was killed while working as a greeter when she was knocked to the ground by another employee pursuing a fleeing shoplifter is not entitled to damages for the victim's fatal injury, according to a recent ruling from the North Carolina Court of Appeals. The court upheld the decision of a lower court, which found that neither the other employee nor Walmart Stores were liable for the victim's death.

Woman charged after North Carolina crash

A 20-year-old woman faces criminal charges following her involvement in a serious crash that left a North Carolina motorcyclist dead. The North Carolina Highway Patrol confirmed that the suspect does not appear to have been intoxicated at the time of the fatal motorcycle crash, adding that speed was not a factor in the crash. However, the woman was ultimately found to be responsible for the fatal accident.

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