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Mother dies, her child critical after alleged DUI crash

Police have arrested a man that they say is responsible for a deadly car crash in North Carolina. According to police reports, the fatal accident occurred as the 31-year-old suspect was allegedly speeding in his sport utility vehicle and drove through a red stop light. The suspect then allegedly struck a car on its side, causing both vehicles to slide across the intersection before stopping.

North Carolina hospital could lose funding after lawsuit

According the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a North Carolina hospital could lose its Medicare funding following the death of a schizophrenic patient who allegedly died after guards employed by the facility attempted to restrain him.

Gag order issued during wrongful death suit

A North Carolina Superior Court judge has issued a gag order in a contentious lawsuit, preventing all involved parties from speaking about the case to the public or media. The wrongful death claim is centered on a former sheriff's deputy who stands accused of causing the death of her husband. The man died in the couple's swimming pool in 2005.

Highway accident kills North Carolina woman

A North Carolina schoolteacher is dead after her vehicle was struck by a piece of metal that fell off another vehicle. Investigators with the North Carolina Highway patrol determined that the fatal accident occurred when a broken leaf spring fell from the undercarriage of a dump truck and broke through the woman's windshield and struck her, probably in the face or torso.

16-year-old drivers in fewer fatal crashes than older teens

Getting a driver's license is a big step for many people. Parents often fear it and teenagers await the day in eager anticipation. While many have blamed teens for poor driving based on their lack of experience and tendency toward distracted driving, new research performed in part by the University of North Carolina shows that fatal crashes involving brand-new drivers are dropping.

Marlon Brando's ex-wife settles wrongful death suit

In North Carolina as well as other states, an individual may be found guilty of wrongful death if it can be proved that his or her negligence resulted in the death of another person. In such cases, it may be possible to file for damages covering funeral expenses, medical fees, and the pain and suffering of the victim before death. In a recent wrongful death case, a mother sued her son's doctor because she believed he could have prevented his death.

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